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Κάλεσμα διεθνούς αλληλεγγύης για τη σωτηρία ιστορικού βιβλιοπωλείου στο Γύθειο Λακωνίας ! * Call for international support to save historic bookstore in Gythion, Laconia (Greece)! *Appel pour la solidarité internationale pour sauver la librairie historique de Gythio, Laconie (Grèce) !

Plateia Molaon

Call for international support to save historic bookstore in Gythion, Laconia (Greece)

A 142-year-old bookstore, which has witnessed and reflected the History of Laconia and the whole of Greece, is about to close!
The curtain falls for the culture, honesty, kindness and solidarity offered all these years by the owners of the historic bookshop. A bar or a café will take its place …

Historical data

Since its founding in 1873 by John Andreikos, it houses «Tainaro» local newspaper and later «Laconia» newspaper, directed by Panagiotis Andreikos, in 1877.
In 1936, the bookstore is separated from the newspaper and is moved at a rent to the bequest of John Panagoulakos Foundation, at 2 Laryssiou Street in Gythion, under the management of Paul Andreikos, Chairman of the Town Council, treasurer of Ypapanti Hospital, one of the founders of Lakonia Bank and a prominent member of the Commercial Club in Gythion.

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