διεθνισμός, internazionalismo


As feminists living across the island of Ireland, we wish to express our heartfelt solidarity with our courageous sisters and comrades in Rojava as their project for women’s freedom is under attack. Please know that as the fascist Turkish state attempts to isolate, dispossess and brutalise the communities of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, they will only serve to strengthen our collective resistance and resolve.
You stood with us as we fought to repeal the 8th Amendment. You visited us in Ireland and generously shared your knowledge so we could learn from your struggles and victories. You invited and warmly welcomed us into your communities, demonstrating how a feminist society could be organised in practice, something we had only previously imagined.
Let us be unequivocal, an attack on the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria is an attack on women’s rights, on feminist organising and on ways of organising society that prioritise ecology, community and humanity over profit. Your woman-led political movement offers a feminist alternative to global capitalism, with its gender-balanced decision-making system, and the centring of women’s liberation in this unprecedented democratic project.
Erdoğan and the Turkish state are threatened by the democratic values of Rojava, by its empowered women and its commitment to equality. These attacks in the name of establishing a ‘safe zone’ are no more than an attack to drive out our friends and comrades from the region, to smash the democratic project and to put an end to women’s liberation.
The creation of a so-called ‘safe zone’ also serves the purpose of deporting thousands of Syrian asylum seekers residing in Turkey. They will be brought back to Syria under the strengthened rule of Bashar al Assad, a war criminal, in spite of the fact that they fled from it in the first place. The invasion of Rojava and the full reinstatement of al Assad’s power over Syria and its diverse population are two sides of the same coin, which contemplates the return to an authoritarian stability that can stop the movement of people (so much desired by the fortress Europe), achieved at the price of slaughtering civilians and destroying emancipatory political experiences.
We draw inspiration from your courage and your strength and will come out onto our streets to raise our voices in solidarity with you and to fight fascism, our common enemy.
We call on feminists across the globe to join us in supporting our sisters, friends, comrades. Organise, march, shout, fight and rise up for Rojava.
Jin, jiyan, azadi! Ní Saoirse go Saoirse na mBan
Theresa O’Keefe
Farah Azadi
Juliana Sassi
Wendy Lyon
Paola Rivetti
Aileen O’Carroll
Helen Guinane
Jen Doh
Mary McAuliffe
JA Valois
Maggie ONeill
Linda Connolly
Ursula Ní Shionnain
Suzanne Leen
Sharron A. FitzGerald
Mx Brody Hodgins
Jane Xavier
Paula Geraghty
Melanie McArdle
Dervla O’Neill
Caroline Forde
Ciara Fitzpatrick
Susan Miner
Alanna O Neill
Julia Crowe
Lauren Foley
Heather Ferguson
Joanne Lynam
Emer Smith
Shannon Patterson
Natasha Finnerty
Margaret Ward
Claire McGinley
Nicoletta Mandolini
Céile Varley
Sharon L Mc Menamin
Muuka Gwaba
Anne McLean
Katharina Swirak
Jacqueline O’Toole
Antonella Garofalo
Brigid Quilligan
Ann O Sullivan
Cat Inglis
Breige Ann McCaughley
Maria Perkins
Sian Cowman
Vivienne Daly
Samantha Kenny
Louise Inglis
Ciara Miller Johnston
Keeva Lilith Carroll
Martine Jackson
Heather McPolin
Ruby Moss
Stacy Wrenn
Tara Ní Dhuinn
Emma Hendrick
Jacqueline Johnston
Sarah Walsh
Breanainn Quinn
Ilaina Khairulzaman
Ina Doyle
Michelle Brown
Alex Ronan
Marianne Farrelly
Joanne McDonald
Georgina O’Halloran
Audrey Fergus
Sarah Shiel
Martina Ferrari
Emma Wallace
Elaine Crory
Becky Indigo Farrell
Cliona Kelly
Rosa Thompson
Edel Quirke
Milena Barnes
Corinne O’Neill
Grainne Griffin
Joanna Schaffalitzky
Aimee Doyle
Cate Dillon
Jennifer Larke
Kalianne Farren
Maebh Murphy
H Oakes
Emma Beuster
Ciara Beuster
Kate Ware
Natalia R Fedz
Felicity Rawson
Layla Wade
Jene Hinds
Laura J Acha
Niamh P. Keoghan
Lisa Whelan
Cora Quigley
Kellie O’Dowd
Amy walsh
Yasmin O’Connor
Aoife Crowe
Laura McVeigh
Joanna McMinn
Suzanne Dunne
Anne Ralph
Bernie Hughes
Ashley Keenan
Lisa dunne
April Keane
Ann Gerety Smyth
Karen Till
Divya Ravikumar
Jacinta Fay
Caoimhe Doyle
Patricia Magee
Gillian Kearns
Éinne Ó Cathasaigh
Claire Brennan
Muireann O’Sullivan
dervla o’malley
Freyja Bourke
Sarah Cassidy
Soma Gregory
Lucy Michael
Deirbhile Brennan
Margo Harkin
Caroline McCormack
Deirdre O’Shea
Liadh Ni Faogain
Yasmary Perdomo Rodriguez
Hayley Fox-Roberts
Pamela Rochford
Clare mccann
Barbara Western
Rebekka K. Steg
Evelyn Campbell
Mariel Whelan
Nicola grant
Dairíona Ní Mhuirí
Taryn de Vere
Yurika Higashikawa
Sallyann Green-Millar
Deb Crawley
Bernadette Hughes
Caoimhe Butterly
Eve Campbell
Hilary Darcy
Stephanie Lord
Sinéad Redmond
Emily Waszak
Aoife Frances
Clara Purcell
Clare O Connor
Lisa Keogh Finnegan
Tracey Ryan
Anne Mulhall
Maire Ni Mhordha
Eilís Ní Fhlannagáin
Sinead Pembroke
Leticia Ortega
Dyuti Chakravarty
Beth O’Neill
Niamh McDonald
Linda Kavanagh
Antoinette Murphy
Leness Falls
Yvie Murphy
Elaine D’Alton
Maggie Feeley
Siobhán Nic Fhloinn
Becca Bor
Lisa Basire
Xavier Beardwood
Anita Villa
Layla Kuyper
Marie Mulholland
Caroline Kuyper
Marie Moran
Goretti Horgan
Bec Fahy
Elaine Mernagh
Melíosa Bracken
Francisca Ribeiro
Kate o keeffe
Joanne Dennehy
Aoife McLean
Mags Glennon
Syd Delz
Carly Bailey
Mairead Enright
Jess Lynch
Judy Walsh
Aislinn Wallace
Erika Csibi
Stacey Grant-Canham
Laura Ryan
Louisa Moss
Kellie Sweeney
Kerry Guinan
Aisling Corbett
Jane Robb
Sian Cowman
Ingrid Seim
Polly Molotov
Ciara Crawford
Karen Carson
Gillian Brien
Karen Carson
orlagh nic suibhne
Catherine Clarke
Liz Kelly
Irene Doval Marcos
Maryanne Daly
Rose Mullen
Tracy Wall
Maggie Bent
Louise Delz
Bronwen Lang
Emma Walsh-Hackett
Tricia Nugent
Natasha Lambert
Anna Higgins
Sorcha Szczerbiak
Alice Chau
Vicky Conway
K McKinney
Sinéad Williams
Ramona Parkes
Charlotte Fassbender
Lorna O’Hara
Niamh Casey
Layla Wade
Rebek’ah McKinney-Perry
Kitty Colbert
Alexandra Day
Síona Cahill
Gen Smith
Heike Stone
Aisling Ní Fhrighil
Aoife hammond
Karen Hammond
Eimear Nic Roibeaird
Mary McDermott
Ellen Murphy
Sarah Elaine McHugh
Niamh Murtagh
Rebecca murphy
Joni Kelly
Bríd Collins
Annie Hoey
Kate Butler
Marie Sherlock
Katie Noone
Ber Grogan
Aisling Cusack
Emma Challacombe
Kerry O’Donnell
Meaghan Carmody
Janet O’Sullivan
Vikkie Patterson
Trish Hegarty
Katie Harrington
Helen O’Sullivan
Leona Mc Mahon
Rosanna O Keeffe
Angela Coraccio
Helen Stonehouse
Emma Allen
Karen Dempsey
Carola Speth
Aisling Mathews
Catherine Stocker
Jennifer Schweppe
Debbie Hutchinson
Anna McMahon
Rebecca Heslin
Sinéad Ring
Tríona Reid
Loretta J frehill
Aine O’Gorman
Kate Dineen
Amy Kelly
Sharon Pickering
Kelley O’Hanlon
Deidre colgan
Geraldine Moorkens Byrne
Grace Harrison
Phyllis Verschoyle
Emma Dowling
Groups and Organisations:
Need Abortion Ireland
Strike 4 Repeal
MERJ – Migrants and Ethnic-minorities for Reproductive Justice
Kildare Feminist Network
Fingal Feminist Network
Dundalk for Change
Queer Action Ireland


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